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"You are the Music while the Movie lasts"

paraphrased T. S. Eliot

The most innovative film music competition in the world that focuses on Quality in Film Music and calls for all the undiscovered talented artists to finally get heard and discovered!

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Read what the Winners, Finalists and many of the Participants said for our contest.

#1 Winner 2016

#1 Winner 2016
Benoit Lefèvre (France)
Clearly OTICONS FACULTY is not just a competition: it's a project carried out with great passion that allows young composers to get some crucial feedback and support to enter the film music world. For real.

#1 Winner 2018

#1 Winner 2018
Rasmus Zwicki (Denmark)
I am very grateful for everything I have gained - and will gain from this experience, and I will definitely recommend it to anyone seeking to expand their opportunities.

#1 Winner 2014

#1 Winner 2014
Benjamin Woodgates (U.K.)
"Thanks to the Oticons Faculty I have made a significant step in my journey from being an aspiring film composer to becoming the composer I aspire to be."

#2 Winner 2018

#2 Winner 2018
Lawrence Whitehead (U.K.)
I would strongly encourage other emerging composers to participate: it's an invaluable experience!

#1 Winner 2015

#1 Winner 2015
Andrea Grant (Italy)
Thanks to this contest, I got the most important mentoring and feedback of my career. It's a must for every aspiring composer!

#2 Winner 2014

#2 Winner 2014
Chris Roe (U.K.)
Meeting world-class composers, like Hans Zimmer, Dario Marianelli, Patrick Doyle, Elliot Goldenthal and many others, gave me a renewed focus and inspiration to fuel my future career.

#1 Winner 2017

#1 Winner 2017
Sergey Pervov (Russia)
One of the most significant events of my life! You only have to gain from this experience even without winning the contest!

#2 Winner 2015 & Top10 2014

#2 Winner 2015 & Top10 2014
Bartosch McCarthy (Germany)
I can hardly overstate the gratefulness I feel for having been given this opportunity and I am certain the festival will leave its mark on my path as a composer!

Top·30 Finalist 2014

Top·30 Finalist 2014
Nathalie Bonin (Canada)
Since my visit to the World Soundtrack Awards in 2014, many of the people I've encountered there have become good friends, collaborators and advisers helping me on my way as a film composer.

#1 Winner 2018 Testimonial

My Oticons Faculty Grand Prize trip to the Krakow Film Music Festival, proved a valuable and inspiring introduction to the film music community. I made some much appreciated new acquaintances, both among emerging and established composers, as well as the many other film music professionals attending the festival.

Having been introduced to a number of international key players in the business, has radically improved my starting point, as I go on to expand my professional network and look for opportunities abroad. George Christopoulos of Oticons was a wonderful companion during the festival, he eagerly introduced me to both celebrity artists, organizers and a range of other professionals, and I really enjoyed his pleasant company.

I am very grateful for everything I have gained - and will gain from this experience, and I will definitely recommend it to anyone seeking to expand their opportunities in the field.


#2 Winner 2018

My Oticons Faculty #2 Winner prize was a trip to Germany to take part in the “Media Sound Hamburg” workshop: studying alongside enthusiastic and like-minded composers from across the globe during a retreat in Hamburg’s beautiful and peaceful suburb of Blankenese proved to be a wonderful experience!

A particular highlight was George Christopoulos’s talk, Evolving into a working Film Composer. It was extremely valuable to learn directly from an agent how to build a career. Given the intimate size of our group, George was able to gather information about the future aspirations of participating composers and he was generous in taking the time to provide us all with tailored career guidance. I am grateful to Oticons Faculty for the prize, and not least for setting the compositional task. The latter has both allowed me to develop further as a composer and has inspired new compositions which I can now add to my portfolio. I would strongly encourage other emerging composers to participate in the competition in future years: all in all, it is an invaluable experience!

Lawrence Whitehead (U.K.)

#1 Winner 2017 Testimonial

I first discovered the Oticons Faculty International Film Music Competition in 2014. I participated in all editions since then, until 2017! I persevered because I knew that winning this contest could lead to one of the most significant events in my life; and indeed it was like as I hoped! I want to thank all the jury members, and also the founder of the contest, George Christopoulos, who so brilliantly organized my trip from Novosibirsk, in Siberia, to Ghent in Belgium, in order to attend the Film Fest and the World Soundtrack Awards! It was an incredible three days!

I was honored to be present in all seminars, concerts, and other events and meet some of the greatest people of the film music industry: the legendary David Shire, the incredible Joe Kraemer, the amazing conductor Dirk Brossé and so many more. I was thrilled that I got the chance to meet in person several of the Oticons Faculty jury members during the World Soundtrack Awards and receive further feedback for my music and advice for my career.

All the professionals I met during those days of enjoying my Award, from the Oticons Faculty founder to its jury members, they are all dedicated to the Oticons Faculty mission and they truly love film music! From my standpoint, this is a one-of-a-kind competition that requires serious work since it calls all the talented yet undiscovered composers to express themselves in a real-life simulation of the ever so challenging film industry. I would encourage all emerging composers to participate, and even persevere as I did, in this absolutely amazing competition! You only have to gain from the experience as I did even before winning the contest!


#2 Winner 2017

It was an incredible week in Krakow at the world’s biggest film music festival that required much reflecting and contemplation upon my return from it. Getting acquainted with so many people from the film music world of L.A. and Europe and feeling so heartily welcome in a new family was an overwhelming and emotional experience!!!

My special thanks to George Christopoulos for helping me in various ways with his mentoring to focus on all these things that I love doing as an artist! Oticons Faculty and its brilliant jury members are surely helping me already to get a step further on that path. Numerous thanks also to the fantastic Krakow Film Music Festival for its touching hospitality and their impressive concerts that show me that the power of the orchestra will never cease.

It definitely still has its certain place in our music culture and orchestral film music in concert by now has taken such a major role on the stage of all kinds of concert venues, including massive arenas.

Sebastian Bartmann (Germany)

#1 Winner 2016 Testimonial

Thanks to the Oticons Faculty, I had the opportunity to attend the 9th Krakow Film Music Festival and to participate in the workshops, concerts, receptions, and all other events with several of the greatest film composers and leading representatives of the film music industry. George Christopoulos accompanied me in this unique experience with kindness and generosity.

What an incredible chance for an aspiring composer to get to meet Johann Johannsson, Alexandre Desplat, Harry Gregson-Williams, Cliff Martinez - to name a few only - and even the film music educator Richard Bellis and to receive advice from them! Krakow is a pool of artistic creativity and professionalism. Throughout the festival I was able to share my passion for film music and to make my first steps in the film industry by establishing significant contacts!

Clearly, Oticons Faculty is not just a competition: it's a project carried out with great passion that allows young composers to get some crucial feedback on their works and talent and that supports them to enter the film music world. For real.


#1 Winner 2015 Testimonial

What is unique and special about the Oticons Faculty International Film Music Contest is simple: they love film music as much as I do and they really care about discovering new young composers, giving me the incredible opportunity to have my music heard from key players people in the industry and to be personally introduced to the most important film music professionals.

With the 1st Grand Prize, I had the chance to attend the Film Fest Gent and the World Soundtrack Awards, a very special and prestigious event full of memorable concerts, masterclasses and conferences. I was honored to meet composers such as Alan Silvestri, Patrick Doyle and get mentored from a lot of other professionals from whom I come back with the most important feedback of my career and a lot of contacts too.

My deepest thanks goes to the Oticons team for they hard work; their film music contest is a must for every aspiring composer.


#2 Winner 2015 / Top·10 Finalist 2014 Testimonial

The Krakow Film Music Festival is indeed one of the two largest and most highly regarded festivals of its kind worldwide and it has been both an honour and a great pleasure to partake in it and enjoy to the max the prize given to me as the 2nd Grand Winner of the 2015 Oticons Faculty competition.

The sheer amount of industry talent present at the FMF Kraków was absolutely awe-inspiring!!! My time there was filled with excellent masterclasses conducted by top-level professionals, amazing concerts with some of the world’s finest orchestras and soloists, as well as unique networking opportunities hardly found elsewhere.

I can hardly overstate the gratefulness I feel for having been given this opportunity and I am certain the festival will leave its mark on my path as a composer!!! I can only say that I have already received offers by established composers to be in touch with them in order to assist them to their future projects. That's already a great honour and benefit I gained by my presence to this world-class festival!

Bartosch McCarthy (Germany)

#1 Winner 2014 Testimonial

Attending the World Soundtrack Awards gave me the opportunity to meet and chat to some of the most interesting and successful people in our industry, like Johann Johannsson and the 2014 Oscar-winner Steven Price, many of whom have now returned home clutching a copy of the Oticons Faculty Award Winners Soundtrack CD!

Spending four days alongside the other guests there enabled me to forge meaningful connections with the composers and associated professionals with whom I was sharing a common space and purpose. Within the space of just a couple of days I went from knowing just one other person at the festival to knowing scores of composers, agents, publicists, publishers and journalists. These interactions have not only helped build my own personal network, but also given me insights into how the film music industry works in both Europe and the USA.

I was granted personal introductions to many of the festival’s other guests and treated as an insider. I also had chance to meet and to get to know a number of the Oticons Faculty jury members, who were also in attendance at the World Soundtrack Awards, and I am already excited for those composers who will compete for the Oticons Faculty Award next year since the prize itself has been an absolutely transformative experience. I feel I have made a significant step in my journey from being an aspiring film composer to becoming the composer I aspire to be!


#2 Winner 2014 Testimonial

I am so grateful to the Oticons Faculty Competition for giving me the opportunity to visit the Krakow Film Music Festival. As well as attending panel discussions and Q&A's with world class composers, like Hans Zimmer, Dario Marianelli, Patrick Doyle, Elliot Goldenthal and so many other industry professionals, I was lucky enough to join fellow young composers in a series of practical workshops at the amazing Alvernia studios.

I came away from the festival with new skills as well as a renewed focus and inspiration to fuel my future career. One of the founders of Oticons Faculty, George Christopoulos, accompanied me and was also able to introduce me to several key players in the film music world, setting me up with some great contacts for the future!!!

Chris Roe (U.K.)

#3 Winner 2015 Testimonial

This was a wonderful opportunity to be heard by legendary composers, whose works I already admired during my childhood. This absolutely unique competition consisting of extremely successful composers, orchestrators & music supervisors as jury members, gave me a lot of inspiration & energy to continue composing film music!

I am so happy and thankful to be the Nr.3 of Top 10 finalist among 123 talented participants and absolutely speechless about the amazing feedback concerning my music!!!

Thank you for the time you spend to organize and come up with all of those wonderful ideas for this challenging competition!!!

Alin Cristian Oprea (Romania)

Top·30 Finalist 2015 Testimonial

I am literally speechless! As if the whole process of the competition were not enough you have sent me now the feedback letter! Just WOW! I really don't know where to start in saying how respectful, supportive and inspiring you were throughout the competition. And even now that the competition is over... this document is probably the best summary of my skills and my potentials that I have ever received in my whole life, including all the years I spent in any academic institution. Please, never give up organizing this competition! I will keep submitting, in the hope of earning one day the first prize or even just for the pleasure of receiving this appreciative, motivating, beautifully written and laid out report of my submissions.

And with the Certificate you sent, Oticons Faculty confirms to be the best, most caring and supportive organization for upcoming and emerging composers! Thank you so much for your incredible effort in making the film music world a better place and, all together, a true family!

Luigi Pulcini (Italy)

Top·30 Finalist 2014 Testimonial

I first read about the Oticons Faculty Competition in early 2014 on LinkedIn when its founders were initiating the project. I was immediately interested in it as it seemed to be a competition based on real Artistic Values with a panel of highly distinguished composers, supervisors, conductors, producers, directors and publicists. I decided to participate in it's first edition and the experience I got out of it is amazing!!! As a Finalist of the competition, I had the privilege to get very insightful comments from the Jury which has greatly helped me evolve as a composer.

I also had the chance to meet many incredible people at the World Soundtrack Awards in Ghent in 2014. Since then, many of the people I've encountered there thanks to Oticons have become good friends, collaborators and advisors helping me on my way as a film and television composer. I would recommend every serious composer to take part in this unique competition not only for the rewards and potential recognition but for the truly inspiring people behind it! Thank you Oticons and long life!.

Nathalie Bonin (Canada)

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