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"You are the Music while the Movie lasts"

paraphrased T. S. Eliot

The most innovative film music competition in the world that focuses on Quality in Film Music and calls for all the undiscovered talented artists to finally get heard and discovered!

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Stun our jury, stand out from everyone else and be put on the map!

Every year we discover the most brilliant film music composers and we send them to the best film music festivals in the world where they meet and learn the business as insiders directly from today's most accomplished composers and film music professionals!
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1st Prize
Krakow Film Music Festival & Masterclasses

The Winner will get the VIP guest's package to attend the amazing Krakow Film Music Festival, all its special events and concerts. He will also be one of the 18 participants in a 5-day outstanding Film Music workshop.

previous guests: Alexandre Desplat, Brian Tyler, Howard Shore, Elliot Goldenthal, Patrick Doyle, Ramin Djawadi, Shigeru Umebayashi, Alberto Iglesias.

2nd Prize
Media Sound Hamburg Summer-School of Film Music

The Winner will attend a highly exclusive 3-day Film Music workshop for limited number of attendees, performed by an established film composer every year. The workshop is part of the intensive 2-week workshops event Media Sound Hamburg. He will also enjoy a personal one-on-one mentoring meeting by the workshop's guest Film Music tutor.

previous workshop tutors: Joe Kraemer, Gary Yershon, Jan Kaczmarek, Christopher Young, Javier Navarete.

IMPORTANT NOTE: On both Festivals the two big Winners shall be accompanied by the Oticons Faculty Founders & Talent Agents and they will be personally introduced to all the VIP guests and other important attending film professionals. They will also accompany them to all events, workshops, masterclasses and panels.
3rd Prize
Immediate Music · Winning Cues Selection for New Albums (for Selected Top·20 Finalists)

From the Top·20 Finalists that will qualify to the second round, Yoav Goren, member of the Oticons Faculty Jury and President of the Immediate Music LLC., will pick few Winner(s) with the best composition for Assignment 2 "Battle of the Bows" to:
(i) either be commissioned to participate in one of the upcoming Immediate Music album projects, or
(ii) be selected to re-work their epic compositions in order to be included to the Immediate Music catalogue.

4th Prize
Oticons Faculty the Soundtrack Album (for the Top·10 Winners & Selected Top·20 Finalists)

The submitted compositions of the TOP·10 Winners will be compiled, mastered and digitally released as a Soundtrack Album by record label Massive Music/Music Package. The composers will be properly credited as the authors of the works, plus bonus tracks by some of the rest of the TOP·20 Finalists shall be included in the album!


Discover the Music of all Top·10 Winners from the Oticons Faculty Soundtrack Albums

2018 Soundtrack Album Available Now


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Registration & Submission DEADLINES

Early-bird Registrations 1.9.2018 - 1.1.2019 @ 12 p.m. (noon) UTC
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Regular Registrations & Submission 1.1. - 28.2.2019 @ 12 p.m. (noon) UTC