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"You are the Music while the Movie lasts"

paraphrased T. S. Eliot

The most innovative film music competition in the world that focuses on Quality in Film Music and calls for all the undiscovered talented artists to finally get heard and discovered!

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Oticons Faculty Winners & Finalists

of the previous years' competitions

Oticons Faculty 2017 Winners

1st Prize Winner

-Serge Pervov

2nd Prize Winner

-Sebastian Bartmann

#3 Winner

-Claude Chalhoub

#4 Winner

-Jeremy Leidhecker

#5 Winner

-Dan Milidge

#6 Winner

-Sam Jones

#7 Winner

-Lara Ingrosso

#8 Winner

-Benedikt Brydern

#9 Winner

-Raphaelle Thibaut

#10 Winner

-Henning Hansen
Meet the Winners of the previous editions!

In the previous editions of our competition, among 636 participants, 40 Finalists Winners (from each year's Top·10) were selected to enjoy all the awards. From these 40 composers, 8 were the lucky ones that attended the Gent Film Festival and the World Soundtrack Awards, and also the Krakow Film Music Festival. But their adventure didn't end there and nor for the other composers who were among the Top·10 winners every year.

It is definitely not a coincidence that the winning finalists soon after their participation to the Oticons Faculty International Film Music Competition, a roller-coaster ride has been triggered for them! Many of them have been Nominated and even Awarded to other festivals and competitions, while several of them have continued to impress with their hard and beautiful work and started landing many gigs on their own.

Here we attempt to present you in brief the grand Winners and Finalists of the previous editions of the contest, and their achievements!!!

#1 Winner 2016


In 2016 Benoit's compositions have popped out among the finest we've heard. He stunned the judging panel in both rounds and put him on the top of the list of "potential winners". And he indeed won ur 1st prize that year!

Shortly after he traveled to Krakow's FMF, instead of Ghent that year, since it our 2nd Winner would have been unable to get that Award. He met in person amazing composers like Alexander Desplat and Harry Gregson-Williams and he attend all seminars and workshops!


Within only a week he grew from an exquisite violinist with a rare talent in composition to a knowledgeable, noticed by the industry, emerging film composer. His fellow countryman, composer Jean-Michel Bernard, who he met in Krakow, has been already an immense help and mentor for him!

#2 Winner 2016


The working, young but established, film composer from France, Benjamin Violet, was getting married during the Krakow FMF days - therefore he couldn't enjoy his prize! Nonetheless we couldn't let such a worthy winner without an award himself.

Out of the norm but just as important of an event, the Media Sound Hamburg was the next best educational event for him to attend. He was present at the dedicated only to few young composers, workshop given by Christopher Young and enjoyed several other events and networking during his days there.


Every day personal interaction with a composer like Christopher Young, in an exclusive and dedicated venue for few attendants, has had an impact to his knowledge and attitude towards the art and craft of film scoring. Plus some extremely important new connections in the industry!

Benoit with Oticons Faculty & Krakow FMF Awards winner Bartosch McCarthy, accompanied by George Christopoulos
Benoit Lefevre with maestro Ludwig Wicki, Jean-Michel Bernard and wives, with George Christopoulos.
Lukasz Targosz, Joseph Trapanese, Benoit Lefevre
Heitor Pereira, Benoit Lefevre, Eleni Mitsiaki, Robert Piaskowski, George Christopoulos, Bartosch McCarthy.

#1 Winner 2015


One of the most peculiar, yet totally satisfying for us, coincidences regarding our competition's Winners, took place in 2015. Soon after Andrea Grant amazed our jury members with his outstanding film music composing skills, he want on to grab another 1st Prize reward at the Transatlantyk Film+Music Festival!

On top of that, our #2 winner for 2015, Bartosch McCarthy also won the 2nd Prize in the very same contest at Transatlantyk! And all this before Andrea traveled to Ghent to attend the World Soundtrack Awards... with his -by then- friend, Bartosch, who accompanied him to the same event and got rewarded (again) together by entering the very heart of the film music world!


His deep interaction with successful composers and professionals, many of which are on also our jury, gave him intense mentoring. His career focus has been transformed within just 3 days and many of the people who fell in love with his music and were also present in Ghent, became his allies. They already help him now in his next steps.

#2 Winner 2015


Bartosch McCarthy has been the absolute example of what our contest is about. He participated in 2014 where he ranked 6th on our Top10 finalists that year; but that didn't stop him from participating again in 2015. This time he made it to the top: he won our 2nd Grand Prize and traveled at the Krakow Film Music Festival where he attended a series of masterclasses, recording sessions and world-class concerts.

In addition to that he also attended the WSA 2015, with his own initiative, the same way he did a year before by attending Soundtrack Cologne. Simply put, within two years due to the Oticons Faculty and his personality, Bartosch got awarded in 2 contests (Oticons Faculty & Transatlantyk) visited 4 film music festivals (Soundtrack Cologne, Krakow, Transatlantyk, WSA) and ended up getting mentored in person from a great number of acclaimed professionals that were guests in both Ghent and Krakow.


He learned more in these two years about the film & film music industries than he had learned in all the years studying. He's now in the process of collaborating with some of the pros he met, like Tuomas Kantelinen and Andy Hill.

Alan Silvestri & Andrea Grant at the WSA ceremony.
Andrea Grant & Patrick Doyle at the dinner after the WSA ceremony.
Alan Silvestri discussing music with Bartosch McCarthy & composer Christopher Slaski.
Ramin Djawadi & Bartosch McCarthy during a Krakow FMF event.
Bartosch McCarthy, Tuomas Kantelinen, George Christopooulos & Andrea Grant
Andrea Grant & Bartosch McCarthy at the official WSA dinner 2015 for all VIP guests.
Bartosch McCarthy holding the 2nd Prize while Andrea Grant thanks John Debney (behind him) and the rest of the Transatlantyk jury.

#1 WINNER 2014

Ben Woodgates (U.K.)

Benjamin Woodgates has been the very first Winner of the inaugural edition of the Oticons Faculty Competition. He has been the first who stunned our jury; his 2nd Assignment was praised as an equal to Shostakovich string quartet works.

Within two months in 2014 he recorded his 1st Assignment with the WDR in Cologne, he attended the World Soundtrack Awards where he met the, also London-based, composers Steven Price (Oscar win for "Gravity") and Daniel Pemberton (WSA Discovery of the Year 2014), and he returned to Soundtrack Cologne as a Discovery of that festival also the same year.


New professional relationships with several London-based composers, agents, publishers and the ASCAP Senior Directors for Film/TV, who help him already to move on in the industry.

#2 WINNER 2014

Chris Roe (U.K.)

Chris was also the very first #2 Winner of the inaugural edition of our competition. Krakow Film Music Festival that year was celebrating ASCAP's 100 Years and had an absolutely stellar list of guests: Hans Zimmer, Dario Marianelli, Patrick Doyle, Elliot Goldenthal to name a few. In Krakow he spend 5-days attending intense workshops at the Alevernia Studios with Daniel Carlin (USC) and Richard Bellis (ASCAP) helming them.

Only two months later he was also one of the 10 nominees for the Best Music 'Peer Raben' Awardon on Soundtrack Cologne 2014.


He left Krakow with a thesaurus of new knowledge and Cologne with a... talent agent from London!

#3 Finalist 2014 & WSA 2015 Nominee

Roman Falkenstein (Latvia)

A phenomenal composer from Latvia, Roman Falkenstein, appeared on the Top10 finalists list of the Oticons Faculty 2014. He pricked the jury's ears and although he wasn't eligible for the two major awards, in the end he did attend both!

In 2014 he attended the last two days of Krakow's FMF and enjoyed along with Chris Roe the "100 Years of ASCAP" major concert. Only a year later he was present in Ghent's World Soundtrack Awards as one of the three nominees for the SABAM Best Young International Composer Award!


His skills and musical style has been praised in two competitions, both of which had maestro Dirk Brossé as president of the Jury. His career is supported now with practical mentoring and business advice from the acclaimed pros that noticed him, including the Oticons Ltd. agents.

Benjamin Woodgates with ASCAP Directors for Film & TV, Simon Greenaway (left) & Mike Todd (right).
Benjamin Woodgates & Oticons Faculty founder, George Christopoulos, on stage on the Awards ceremony of Soundtrack Cologne 2014.
From the left: Simon Greenaway & Mike Todd (ASCAP), Hans Zimmer, Dario Marianelli, maestro Diego Navarro, Nancy Knutsen (ASCAP), Patrick Doyle, Garry Schyman, Julie Taymor & Elliot Goldenthal.
Chris Roe, George Christopoulos & Benjamin Woodgates, during Soundtrack Cologne.
George Christopoulos, Roman Falkenstein & Chris Roe right after the "100 years of ASCAP" film music concert.
Official WSA photoshoot of Roman Falkenstein, nominated for Best Young European Composer award at the WSA 2015.

Discover the outstanding compositions of the last Top·10 Winners!

Oticons Faculty Soundtrack Albums

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